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I spent the first 7 years of my life growing up in rural Canada in an existential crisis, aware that I was not like other people. I was 6 years old and already planning my get-a-way. Walking 2 miles to school, 5 days a week in 35 below zero, I wondered how far I would get if I made a run for it. Somewhere around my 12th birthday I had the revelation that no one was like anyone. That epiphany got me through a few more years there.

My father gave me a camera when I was 15 and I took to it straight away. I started taking pictures then and have never stopped really. I started shooting the streets of NYC long before I knew what a Street Photographer even was. I’m not interested in a big picture. I’m looking for the everyday. There is mystery in the familiar if you keep going back.

I am sometimes surprised at who follows my photography. It cuts a wide swath, and doesn’t seem to favor a financial bracket, a gender or an age group. In those ways I feel my work succeeds. I don’t tend to attract gray area people. I can safely say that collectors don’t buy my work to match their sofa. You either fall in love with moonlight on a garbage bag or you don’t, and you keep moving. History decides on our legacies, not us, but I hope when I die, that my work makes some kind of sense, that it not only documents a certain place and cultural time, but also tells my story.